Cloud Foundry Observability

Pivotal Cloud Foundry is a cloud-native platform for deploying and operating modern applications adopted by many enteprises. PCF has many moving parts, including your own app code, which means identifying the causes of problems is complicated. Is something wrong with a container, the runtime, some CLoud Foundry infrastructure component, or your own code?

By bringing together PCF operational metrics, system events, start and stop events, and application logs for deep observability, Honeycomb makes it possible to ask unconstrained questions so we can track down and debug issues quickly.

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry operational metrics, system events, start and stop events, and application logs can be brought together in Honeycomb for deep observability

The Honeycomb Kubernetes Agent tails log files for each container and parses their contents into structured events

Data Collection

The Honeycomb Nozzle for PCF consumes messages from Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s logging Firehose, parses and structures them, and then forwards the structured events to Honeycomb.

Any event put on the Firehose can be parsed and sent to Honeycomb, including Pivotal Cloud Foundry operational metrics, system events, HTTP Start/Stop events, and application logs.

Getting Answers

With Honeycomb, you can ask questions of Cloud Foundry infrastructure, third party services, and your own application in one place to find out things like:

  • What does latency look like for a particular transaction?
  • How did performance change when we decreased resource limits for an application container?
  • How did response time change after the canary deployment?
  • Which endpoints are slowest?
  • Which customers are experiencing the worst performance?
An example of the kinds of queries you can make with Pivotal Cloud Foundry metrics and logs in Honeycomb

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