Rails Observability

The Rails ecosystem provides a rich stream of data out of the box to every Rails developer. By connecting that stream to Honeycomb, you get the realtime observability, insight, and analytics that you’ve always wanted.

Get immediate visibility into your app and database calls, along with infinite customizability and flexibility:

  • Send new fields, then break down or filter by them right away!
  • Choose any combination of attributes to work with

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Example configuration of NGINX logging for Honeycomb

Beyond Canned Graphs

Go beyond predefined graphs on someone else’s dashboard—Honeycomb supports zooming in and enhancing your graphs by any of the attributes, or combination of attributes, available on Rails requests.

Read more in our Rails Guide about how to get started with the Rails gem today!

Gem Install and Get Answers

With a simple gem install, you can ask questions out of the box like:

  • Which controllers and actions are the slowest to return in my app?
  • If we look at the 3rd-slowest controller/action pair, are there specific users experiencing the worst latency?
  • Which routes spend the most time making database calls? What are the commonalities among the slowest-rendering pages in my app?
  • Which users have seen that “Failed to save” flash error message the most lately? What other errors have they run into?
  • Is there a disproportionate number of non-200 responses for a particular controller? Action? Path?
An example of the kinds of Rails data you can query in Honeycomb

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