$95 / month

  • 1GB storage

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$400 / month

  • 5GB storage

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$2000 / month

  • 45GB storage

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  • 500+ GB storage

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Feature Matrix

Startup & Basic Professional Enterprise
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Nodes
Alert Rules
Integration with email, Pingdom, Slack, etc
Postmortem Archives
Maintained SDKs & Connectors (Ruby, Python, Go, Java, MySQL, Nginx, MongoDB and more)
Single Sign-On
Role-Based Access Controls TBA
Archiving/Cold Storage (optional) TBA
Dedicated Storage Nodes (optional)
Email Support
48 hr response time 24 hr response time 2 hr response time
Chat Support
Secure Proxy on for PII/PHI Contact us Contact us Contact us


Are plans monthly or annual?
Plans can be monthly or annual. The prices above assume an annual plan and have a built in discount of 20% over month-to-month plans.

Do you meter anything besides storage?
There are soft limits on the number of events per second you can submit to Honeycomb. We’ve set this high enough (in the many thousands) so that almost no one ever encounters it. But if you do or think you will, we’re happy to create a custom plan for you with higher limits!

Do you invoice?
Happy to!

What kind of payments do you accept?
ACH, checks, and credit cards.

How do I know what plan is right for me?
We recommend that you start with a free trial to figure out both the kinds of events you want to send to Honeycomb, as well as sample rate, that fit your use cases. We’ll be happy to help you figure it out and come up with a growth plan to fit your needs.

How long are my events retained?
You have total control over this!

Example 1: if you have a Basic plan and generate events that are 1KB in size at the rate of 50 events/sec then you’ll get 5 GB / 50 KB = 100,000 seconds = ~27.8 hours = just over one full day of retention.

Example 2: do the same as above at a sample rate of 5:1 (so only 1 of every 5 events is sent to Honeycomb) and you increase your retention to just over 5.5 days!

Can we have a custom plan with different events/sec and storage limits?
Absolutely! Let’s talk: