Introductory Pricing

Can you make a JSON blob? Then you know how to ship your metrics to Honeycomb.

Start sending us data today. We make it easy with no indexes, no schemas, and arbitrarily wide events. Stop trying to predict in advance what data might be meaningful in some hypothetical future outage and just capture everything. Start getting used to real, data-driven debugging in depth.


$400 / month

  • 50 events/sec
  • 5GB storage

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$2000 / month

  • 200 events/sec
  • 45GB storage

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  • 500 events/sec
  • 500GB storage

Email enterprise@

Plan Details

Basic Professional Enterprise
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Nodes
Alert Rules
Integration with email, Pingdom, Slack, etc
Postmortem Archives
Maintained SDKs & Connectors (Ruby, Python, Go, Java, MySQL, Nginx, MongoDB and more)
Single Sign-On
Role-Based Access Controls
Archiving/Cold Storage (optional)
Dedicated Storage Nodes (optional)
Email Support
48 hr response time 24 hr response time 2 hr response time
Chat Support M-F 9AM-6PM PT
Secure Data add-on for PII/PHI Contact us Contact us Contact us

We LOVE startups.

The first month is free for everyone, but for startups that are pre-revenue and pre-raise, we can work with you to get your needs met for the first year. We know what it’s like to be early and broke. If you’re a student, professor or nonprofit: just let us know and we can work something out. We can also accept payment in the form of referrals, nice tweets, etc.

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