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  • 1 GB of storage

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  • 7 GB of storage

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  • 150 GB of storage

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  • High Volume / Long Retention

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Feature Matrix

Intro Basic Professional Enterprise
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Data Sources
Notifications to email, Slack, etc
Permalinks to Query Results
Agents, SDKs, Connectors (Ruby, Python, Go, Java, MySQL, Nginx, MongoDB and more)
Single Sign-On
Secondary Storage
Dedicated Storage Nodes Contact us
Secure Tenancy for PII/PHI Data Contact us Contact us Contact us
Role-Based Access Controls TBA TBA
Email Support
48 hr response time 24 hr response time 2 hr response time
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How much retention do I get?
Retention is a function of ingestion (of the data you send) and storage capacity. If you have a 5GB storage capacity, and you send 1GB per day, you will have approximately 5 days of retention. This calculation is not exact, because the data you send is processed before we store it - processing usually slightly reduces the storage size, which means you would get slightly more retention that this rough calculation. Once you fill your storage capacity, the oldest data will be aged out.

We generate X GB of log data per day. Does this translate directly to Honeycomb storage?

Honeycomb supports storing structured events, but not unstructured text logs. There is not a direct mapping from the amount of log data you currently generate to what is stored in Honeycomb, but in most cases the storage on Honeycomb is slightly smaller than the amount you send.

Your data might be different, however. The best way to determine how much storage you will need in Honeycomb is to begin a free trial and experiment.

Do you have limits on the amount we can send per day?
Our contracts typically specify a specific limit to ingestion per month. You can estimate a daily limit by dividing this by 30.

Do you charge more per host or per container?

Whether you have 1 host/container or 1000, Honeycomb pricing is only based on the amount of data you send.

How do I get more retention for the same price?
Sampling, especially dynamic sampling, is a very effective way to increase retention without sacrificing power. We find that our customers see dramatic increases in retention by using sampling.

Are plans monthly or annual?
Intro plans are monthly only. Basic and above can be monthly, but we offer two free months if you pay annually up front!

What kind of payments do you accept?
ACH and checks for annual plans. Monthly plans can also be paid by credit card.

How do I know what plan is right for me?
We recommend that you start with a free trial to figure out both the kinds of events you want to send to Honeycomb, as well as sample rate, that fit your use cases. We’ll be happy to help you figure it out and come up with a growth plan to fit your needs.

What kind of storage is used for Honeycomb?
There are two kinds of storage used in Honeycomb:

All Honeycomb plans come with a default allocation of Primary Storage. Only Basic and above plans provide configurable Secondary Storage, enabling you to choose how long you want to store data for.

Can we have a custom plan with different ingestions or total storage limits?
Absolutely! Let's talk.

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