Debug Complex Systems

Honeycomb is a power tool for engineers to analyze data,
designed to help inspect applications and services in real time.

Get speedy answers to any question

Get speedy answers with Honeycomb's query engine
Query your dataset

Our smart query builder makes sure you never start out with a completely blank slate.

Compare trends

We support a whole stable of aggregate and filter functions so you get your data just how you like it.

See summarized results inline

Not a visual learner? No problem. The summarized values from your query are displayed in a table below.

Never lose context

We retain your query history—and your teammates'—forever.

Peek under the covers with Data Mode

Get the best of both worlds: the power of logs with the speed of metrics

Unlike most dashboard products relying on pre-aggregation and roll-ups, Honeycomb generates graphs on the fly, zipping through original data.

Access the raw data whenever, wherever

With Honeycomb, you’re always able to dip down and inspect the raw logs behind any graph, on any dataset.

Filter on anything

Our read-time aggregation lets you cut out the noise at query time and drill down to obscure values in high-cardinality fields.

Access to raw data is available anytime via Honeycomb's Data Mode

Who needs Honeycomb?

Software Engineers

Debug, optimize, and firefight with the most flexible tool yet for exploring your structured data.

Adding a new metric should be as easy as adding a comment. Embrace wide datasets and flexible schemas—we support it all.

Systems Engineers

Business Intelligence has had nice tools for years; it’s time for systems folks to have nice things, too.

Don't spin up and maintain separate infrastructure for observability; rely on industry vets who know scale and multitenancy like the backs of their hands.

Tech Leaders

Drill down into your team’s data to connect the dots between your services and your business goals.

Leverage the shared knowledge your team has built up and never start at square one again.

Featured Blog Post

Honeycomb and the Five Whys: Why We Built Honeycomb

Honeycomb and the Five Whys: Why We Built Honeycomb

Five short views on why we built Honeycomb: for software engineers, systems engineers, data people, and more about the future.

What Folks Have Been Saying About Us:

I love how Honeycomb can show me anything without me having to figure out which graphs I need ahead of time.
— Conrad Irwin, CTO @ Superhuman

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Honeycomb is designed to take problems that once required great heroics, and make them ordinary.