Debug Complex Systems

Honeycomb is a power tool for engineers.
Inspect or debug applications, services and storage layers in real time.

Your data is everywhere—and we'll meet it wherever it is. We've got agents for ingesting and interpreting logfiles from the software that drives the web, connectors to plug into your existing systems, and SDKs to instrument your code directly.

Structured logs are the future; if you're not there yet, let us show you the way.

Our smart query builder makes sure you never start out with a completely blank slate.

We support a whole stable of aggregate and filter functions so you get your data just how you like it, and let you break down data into groups for smarter analysis.

Calculating results on the fly means you can filter down to arbitrarily infrequent values or break down by arbitrarily fine-grained attributes.

And you're always able to dip down to inspect the raw logs behind any graph, on any dataset.

We retain your query history—and your teammates'—forever, so that you never lose context on what you were doing or how you got to an answer. We believe that the days of institutional knowledge being locked up in individual brains is over.

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Who needs Honeycomb?

Software Engineers

Debug, optimize, and firefight with the most flexible tool yet for exploring your structured data.

Adding a new metric should be as easy as adding a comment. Embrace wide datasets and flexible schemas—we support it all.

Systems Engineers

Business Intelligence has had nice tools for years; it’s time for systems folks to have nice things, too.

Don't spin up and maintain separate infrastructure for observability; rely on industry vets who know scale and multitenancy like the backs of their hands.

Tech Leaders

Drill down into your team’s data to connect the dots between your services and your business goals.

Leverage the shared knowledge your team has built up and never start at square one again.

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How Honeycomb Uses Honeycomb, Part 3: End to End Failures

How Honeycomb Uses Honeycomb, Part 3

Take a closer look at Honeycomb in action: digging deeper into an alert, sifting through our data, to understand the root cause of system trouble.

What Folks Have Been Saying About Us:

I love how Honeycomb can show me anything without me having to figure out which graphs I need ahead of time.
Conrad Irwin
CTO @ Superhuman
Honeycomb is a powerful tool for exploring data and discovering the "weird" in your system that is affecting customers, before your customers do.
Christine Spang
CTO @ Nylas
I'm super happy to finally have explorable operations metrics based on events instead of gauges. Pair with an exception tracker and you might not even need aggregated logs!
Jeff Lindsay
Founder @ Glider Labs
Just got a demo of @honeycombio - wish I'd had this for literally everything I've done in the last 6 years. Fast metrics exploration = sweet
Sam Stokes
formerly of Rapportive/LinkedIn
Honeycomb is awesome for getting an intuition of how your system behaves at scale.
Conrad Irwin
CTO @ Superhuman
I got to see a demo of @honeycombio today and it is *fantastic*. They've made something extremely useful.
Marc Hedlund
CEO @ SkylineHQ
Honeycomb gives us the power to understand every aspect of our system in a data-driven way, and allows us to evaluate our system from basically any angle. Usually only large companies have the luxury of a tool like Honeycomb.
Alexandr Wang
CEO @ Scale
Honeycomb saved me 1+ wks of work in 10mins... [and] is the 10x engineer made real.
Adam Fletcher
DirEng @ Nuna

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