Powerful, Interactive Analytics
with Richer Data

Honeycomb is a power tool for engineers, designed to help
debug complex systems and rich data sets in real time.

Rich Logs, More Control Rich Logs,
More Control

Find problems faster when you don't have to think about how to pre-aggregate your metrics. Honeycomb allows virtually limitless dimensions for every event.

No roll-ups, no loss of fidelity; we preserve every attribute of each stored event with no drop in query speed or data resolution.

Explore More, Wait Less Explore More,
Wait Less

Validate hypotheses faster. Speedy responses mean more freedom to iterate and adjust queries.

Build up a series of contextual searches within a debugging session, diving deeper with each query.

Strong Teams, Faster Results Strong Teams,
Faster Results

Build up a library of searchable, contextual wisdom over time. Help new team members get up to speed faster and make on-call handoff easier.

Go back to previous results and faithfully capture a post mortem or resume a debugging run.


Honeycomb is a powerful tool for exploring data and discovering the "weird" in your system that is affecting customers, before your customers do.

— Christine Spang, CTO of Nylas


How does it work?

Submit structured data to represent all aspects of an event. Wide data sets are handled gracefully on writes and reads.
Create graphs across any field, splitting and filtering the data. When you need it, the underlying raw data is at your fingertips.
Share graphs with your team and keep a feed of past results. Never lose your work! Results are accessible in your query history forever.

Your Ability to Predict Failures is Ending

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Honeycomb is designed to take problems that once required great heroics, and make them ordinary.