Honeycomb is an early stage startup in San Francisco. We want to change observability for complex systems, democratize data-driven debugging, and liberate teams from the tyranny of monitoring and alerting. We believe in consumer-quality developer tools. We are opinionated.

We hire adults. We value diversity and nontraditional candidates. Our hiring process is designed to put you at ease and help you show your best work; if we are doing a poor job of this at any time, please let us know.

Please send resumes and inquiries to jobs@honeycomb.io.

Security Engineer

We have a terrific team … but we aren’t security experts, and we’re smart enough to know that much. We need an empathetic security lead, someone who knows when to build consensus and when to put their foot down, someone who cares about pressing stubbornly but gently forward against the forces of bureaucratic inertia to Get Things Done and and lead the industry into the glorious future of SaaS Everywhere.

Here are some of the strengths and skills that are interesting to us. Nobody will be good at all of them, but you should be good at a couple of them and interested in brushing up on others. If you want to get better as a generalist engineer, this is a great place for you.

Desired skills (some subset of):

  • Pen testing
  • Security hardening, code analysis (from web clients to storage)
  • Compliance
  • Software engineering (we use mostly golang)
  • Observability (big plus for experience with splunk, sumo, etc in a security context)
  • Operations engineering and/or databases
  • Recruiting, managing, building teams
  • Scripting, automation, glue code

Required skills: Excellent communication skills, experience with answering security questionnaires for prospective customers. A strong desire to move things forward and get everyone to “yes” instead of getting bogged down in technicalities. Willingness to talk to users and partners – we all do support. No assholes.