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We are an early stage startup in San Francisco. We want to change observability for complex systems, democratize data-driven debugging, and liberate teams from the tyranny of monitoring and alerting. We believe in consumer-quality developer tools. We are opinionated.

We hire adults. We value diversity and nontraditional candidates. Our hiring process is designed to put you at ease and help you show your best work; if we are doing a poor job of this at any time, please let us know.

Please send resumes and inquiries to jobs@honeycomb.io. SF Bay Area candidates only.

Business Development Manager

As a BD Manager at Honeycomb, you’ll be working directly with prospects and existing customers; educating them on Honeycomb’s services, assisting throughout their evaluation, and aiding them through their procurement process. You’ll be sourcing, qualifying, and managing inbound & outbound leads while also getting to work closely with our engineers on everything from customer life cycles to product specific initiatives.


Loved but not required:

To apply, send email to jobs@honeycomb.io.

UX/UI Designer, Generalist Engineers

Are you an endlessly curious engineer or designer who loves building tools for developers? Honeycomb is looking for a designer, and a small but precious number of generalist engineers who are deeply passionate about front end, experience, and design — and the potential it has to change real lives.

Honeycomb is a service for the near and present future, where distributed systems are the new systems, every service is a platform, and empowered generalist software engineers are the new ops.

We are passionate about consumer-quality developer tools. We are a team of infra engineers in awe of the power of UX and simple, confident design.

We do not care about: your degree (or lack thereof), your pedigree, your age or gender or children or years spent writing React on golang microservices.

We care about other things. You should be opinionated but open-minded, able to communicate your values clearly and passionately (and go out cheerfully for a coffee together after a tough code review). You should be comfortable with the pace and trade offs of an early stage startup (meaning: know how to take care of yourself, get your work done without working crazy hours).

If you are interested in the role, and live in the SF Bay Area or are willing to relocate, please send mail to jobs@honeycomb.io with the following:

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